Why Use IMRA Reprentatives & Manufacturers For Business Gifts & More

Advantages of Using an IMRA Rep

All incentive programs are not created equal! Rewarding and recognizing employees, planning wellness and safety programs, sales incentives and performance improvement programs and even choosing and obtaining business gifts are fraught with pitfalls. Experienced, successful program planners rely on the help and fresh ideas they get from IMRA representatives. Here's why:

  • IMRA reps are direct factory representatives and the most experienced, knowledgeable and savvy partners a program planner can find. You will benefit from their advice and consulting services at no charge because they are paid by the factory to provide everything you need.
  • IMRA reps provide the best brands. The top incentive suppliers contract with these skilled professionals to represent their lines to the business-to-business marketplace.
  • IMRA reps quote the lowest ‘factory-direct' price available within the corporate channel, directly from the brand.
  • IMRA reps are trained by the brands and receive additional industry training including access to important industry research and resources. They are at the top of their game and can bring you the newest and most important program information on products and trends.
  • IMRA reps have experience in counseling hundreds of companies both large and small. They've helped to plan and execute a wide variety of successful business improvement programs and will put that experience to work for you. So as you're planning your strategy, tap into this national network of experience and a proven track record by asking for an IMRA representative.

You're ready to plan your business improvement strategy and are looking for expert advice that won't cost you – who are you going to call? Ask for the direct link to America's top merchandise brands - an IMRA representative!

Advantages of Using an IMRA Manufacturer/NMC/Supplier

Studies show that people perform at higher levels for merchandise or tangible rewards. When those strategies include brand name merchandise, results are even better. IMRA suppliers understand the special requirements of the business community and will ensure your programs are as successful as possible. Here's why:

  • IMRA suppliers are reliable because they are proven, tested, and experienced in program design and execution and they bring a unique national perspective to your program. They know which products are popular, they understand budgets and objectives, and they are eager to share their knowledge to help you be successful.
  • IMRA suppliers understand your needs. Every IMRA supplier undergoes an intensive peer interview before they join to be certain they have the skills and factory support needed to do the job.
  • IMRA suppliers offer value-added services like custom packaging, fulfillment, and in some cases, imprinting and other forms of personalization.
  • IMRA suppliers receive the latest training from within the incentive industry and also general business training at conferences, trade shows and industry seminars. This means better communication, better information and better ways to help you get the most out of your program.
  • IMRA suppliers ensure a high professional standard by following established standards and guidelines that add comfort, consistency and confidence.
  • The best brands are IMRA members, and they are ready to support your brand with theirs as a sought-after reward, award or gift for your highest performers or customers.

How do you choose which brands to add to your next merchandise program? While there are plenty of options, only IMRA suppliers understand and accommodate the unique needs of the corporate channel. Ensure the best service and the smoothest execution of your program by asking for an IMRA supplier.