It's all About the Data - Using Program Data to Take Your Incentive Program to the Next Level

Tuesday, October 20 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

As we all know data is everything. In this session we will collectively discuss how agencies use data in distribution programs to: identify brand believers,  create brand believers, increase share of wallet/sales, etc.

This session will help answer questions like:
  • Why can Incentive Programs give me data that my own IT can not give me?
  • How do I use data to motivate the channel to sell products they are not selling?
  • How do I protect my A customers and move B customers closer to A customers?
  • How can I use program data to communicate to my sales people who their best customer (at the rep level) is?

Presented by Peter Goldberger, IP, Incentive Team

Peter is a Sr. Partner for Incentive Team and has been in sales and marketing for 25 years spending the last 18 in the sales performance improvement industry. During his tenure within the performance improvement industry he has worked with high level Fortune 500 clients such as Mohawk Industries, Black and Decker, and Ashley Furniture.

Peter was highlighted in
Selling Power and Incentive Magazine discussing his expertise in delivering a high-powered, engaging channel marketing program. He has also been recognized by the IMA and Nielson multiple times for his expertise with engaging participants.