MANA/Saleswise Teleforum

Rep Councils – A process for strengthening the Manufacturer- Manufacturers’ Representative Relationship

September 20, 2018 – 3 pm ET, 2 pm CT, 1 pm MT 12 pm PT

Moderator: Nicki Weiss of SalesWise, Sales Team Development Thought Leader

Panelist: Charlie Ingram of Eriez Magnetics

MANA strongly believes that manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives need to work together as Partners in Profits. When they work as a team, the manufacturers’ representatives’ performance increases, increasing profits for both of them. If you are a manufacturer and don’t have a Rep Council or are looking for ways to improve the one you do have, this one’s for you. If you are a manufacturers’ representative and your principals don’t have Rep Councils, listen in and learn how you can help them get started.

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